This live theatrical performance is the first volume of a graphical 
 novel series which encompasses the history of blues, an introduction to
 songwriting, and Canadian geography. A theatrical  multimedia
 performance by singer/songwriter Ron Beer and his associates, that
 is interactive, educational, and fun for all. The  show can be presented as
 both a Concert Stage Show or a Puppet Rock Show.  
 Copyright 2011, Siu Lum Kune Inc.      
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The Show
The Show
The Characters
Below are some photos with Ron and the main Puppet Rock Show characters.
To the left is Ron with Boogie Boy, the hero of our story. Boogie Boy is a bright young singer / songwriter from Vancouver Island. He was raised by Grandpa Slim, who taught him everything he knows about music. Boogie Boy can makes friends as easily as he writes music, and he'll need to do both on his way to Toronto to fulfill his Grandpa's request.
To the right is Ron with Unibrow. Unibrow is the leader of the Vancouver Music Academy Jazz Band. He is a great trumpet player but he is very jealous of Boogie Boy's skill. Unibrow acts like he is helping but he has other plans on his mind.
To the left is Ron with Alexandra. Alexandra is a member of the Vancouver Music Academy Jazz Band. She becomes true blue friends with Boogie Boy shortly after meeting him, which is a good things because he will need all the help he can get on his adventure across Canada. 
To the right is Ron withGrandpa Slim. Grandpa Slim is a world famous blues musician who now lives on Vancouver Island with his grandson Boogie Boy. When Grandpa Slim was nominated for a music award, he sends Boogie Boy in his place, but not before giving him his lucky pork-pie hat and his valuable 1956 Gibson guitar.
To the left is Ron with Mr. Johnson. He is the manager of the Vancouver Music Academy Jazz Band. He normally does a very good job of managing the band despite being very clumsy. On this trip however, hisclumsiness may cause a few problems for the kids.
And last but not least is Ron with Barnstormer. Barnstormer may be old, but he still craves the thrill of piloting his trusty biplane. He is a great friend to have if you can keep up with his need for adventure.