This live theatrical performance is the first volume of a graphical 
 novel series which encompasses the history of blues, an introduction to
 songwriting, and Canadian geography. A theatrical  multimedia
 performance by singer/songwriter Ron Beer and his associates, that
 is interactive, educational, and fun for all. The  show can be presented as
 both a Concert Stage Show or a Puppet Rock Show.  
 Copyright 2011, Siu Lum Kune Inc.      
About Us
The Show
The Show
The Show

As a musician, author, and entertainer for over two decades, Ron Beer, has been aspiring to find an avenue to connect children with his everlasting love for blues music - Boogie Boy Blues is just that. We strive for the opportunity to give children of all ages, races, and demographics to be exposed to Canadian music culture, focusing on the importance and influences blues music has had on the country.
The boogie boy blues show is a live, interactive, theatrical performance of the first volume of the graphic novel titled Boogie Boy Blues & The Music Awards. Singer, songwriter, entertainer, Ron Beer performs the show along with his associates, using a wide range of musical instruments and voices for each character in a unique and captivating way. The show is largely influenced by music- blues music in particular. A variety of instruments, not introduced in the musical curriculum, are used to enhance the performance. Electric guitars, banjos, melodicas, wave drum, wood flute, and the occasional harmonica are brought to life during the boogie boy blues performance.
While Ron Beer voices each character in the Stage Show and plays his instruments, the graphic and novel images are projected onto a screen used as a backdrop to the performance. The most appropriate locations to host a boogie boy blues show are in either a library, gymnasium, or large classroom setting. A projector is supplied by boogie boy, however, a screen needs to be supplied by each hosting location.
All of the elements of the Stage Show continue in the Puppet Rock Show, however now the characters come to life as you actually see Boogie Boy meet and face the other characters in throughout presentation. Ron introduces the show with his puppet pal Boogie Boy and describes the story line to the audience. He then performs Act I of the story allowing the characters to interact with the other puppets and the audience. To end Act I, Ron once again comes out front with a brief musical performance, then on to Act II which also ends with a musical performance.
Educational Material

Both Boogie Boy Blues shows are live theatrical performances and are appreciated by audiences of all ages. Theatres, libraries, schools, and community centres are a few of the venues that host the Boogie Boy Blues shows. The focus on learning appears throughout the show in a variety of manners, including:
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