This live theatrical performance is the first volume of a graphical 
 novel series which encompasses the history of blues, an introduction to
 songwriting, and Canadian geography. A theatrical  multimedia
 performance by singer/songwriter Ron Beer and his associates, that
 is interactive, educational, and fun for all. The  show can be presented as
 both a Concert Stage Show or a Puppet Rock Show.  
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The Show
Welcome to our new Boogie Boy Blues website. We have tried to consolidate all of our information and present it all in a more direct format. Rest assured that the content will grow substantially soon as we continue to collect information. Please feel free to forward us your comments or provide us with more information or photos. We would love to hear from you.
What is Boogie Boy All About?
Boogie Boy Blues & The Music Awards is the first volume of a graphic novel series which encompasses the history of blues, introduction to songwriting, and Canadian geography - a series which includes a music CD and a live performance by Ron Beer, author and songwriter. The story of Boogie Boys Blues centres around the experiences of a 14 year old songwriter who travels across Canada with a jazz band to attend a music awards show. As the Stage Performance story is presented on screen, it is simultaneously narrated using many different voices, the singing of original songs with the accompaniment of various musical instruments including the guitar, banjo, melodica, harmonica, wave drum, or penny whistle by Ron and his associates. Ron also presents the story as a Puppet Rock Show which brings the same story to life as the puppet characters enact the story with unique voices and songs to entertain all.
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Meet the characters of Boogie Boy Blues ?
Boogie Boy Blues performance is appreciated by audiences of all ages. Theatres, libraries, schools, and community centres are a few of the venues that host the Boogie Boy Blues. Whether you enjoy the Stage Performance or the Puppet Rock Show, you will enjoy the antics of the main characters of Boogie Boy, Unibrow, Alexandra, Grandpa Slim, Mr. Johnson, Barn Stormer, and assorted extra personalities.
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What is Boogie Boy Blues show?
Singer, songwriter, entertainer, Ron Beer and various associates perform the Stage Performance or the Puppet Rock Show, using a wide range of musical instruments and voices to present each character in a unique and captivating way. The shows will bring to your location all required materials including sound equipment, projectors, puppet stage, and everything else need for the storyline presentations; a live, interactive, theatrical performance of the first volume of the graphic novel titled Boogie Boy Blues & The Music Awards.
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What's next for Boogie Boy?

Creator and writer of the series, Ron Beer, continues to write and prepare for upcoming recording sessions, and is in the works of publishing the second volume of the series, where Boogie Boy finds himself down in the Mississipi River, trying to find his way home. The third volume in the series is currently in the late conceptual design stages.
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